Thursday, 3 April 2014

GNA - Holi Celebrations 2014 with Kamal Haasan


GNA Annual Day 2013

GNA celebrates its annual day at the farmhouse in KGF, Kolar - the land of silk, milk and gold. The GNA family gets together with lots of joy and activities like sports, games, cultural events and lastly architecture - not much to say rather a perfect bonding!

2013 saw one such festivity in the month of May followed by a lot of planning. Spartans and Herculeans, as the teams were divided, competed and shelled out good deal of energy, vigor, perseverance and Team Spartans rose to a glorious victory.

The team was up and ready while their bus came honking “PES School”.

The girls of GNA rock and rolled after Kavya took home the illusionary trophy. 

The girls were seen in action, stunning all around practicing their league moves...

Chetan brought home The Indian Idol Citation mesmerizing the crowd with his vocalism, while the girls charmed the audience with their elegance.
Manohar, Meghana and Pruthu opened up their music encyclopedias that left us almost with a tie situation.

GNA feasted on the scrumptious omelets prepared by Master Chef Jesso.

The planes slowly portrayed Architectural scenes and rich environments when speakers Sudhir, Ramesh, Gowri, Chaintanya and Vinay unfolded their experience on designing Jaquar, Surya Samudra, Snow City and other designer residences.

World Architecture Festival 2012

World Architecture Festival 2012

Gorukana” , one of our prestigious project which got short listed in the small hotel category took us to share the stage at WAF.

It gave us the opportunity to gain & share our creative endeavour with different creative people of the world.

We could witness  the  spirit of architecture, from micro to mega projects of the world. By end of the World Architecture Festival, one could say how great architecture can beautify this mother earth, with creativity & sensitivity towards nature.